TUG Perforator Flap (Transverse Upper Gracillis PERFORATOR flap)

A TUG perforator flap is a medial thigh perforator flap based on blood vessels that supply the gracillis muscle.

As a perforator flap, it is a flap made of skin and fat only (no muscle).

This procedure is highly dependent on the anatomy of the patient in question. CT angiography has been instrumental in identifying which patients may be adequate candidates for this form of perforator flap breast reconstruction. Favorable CTA has yet been perfected to a point that we feel we can reliably predict the feasibility of a TUG perforator flap pre-operatively.

If you are a patient or microsurgeon who has experience with medial thigh perforator flaps, please contact us so we may work together to popularize this form of microsurgical breast reconstruction.

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