Areolar Reconstruction

Areolar reconstruction is completed as a one-hour office procedure. Local anesthesia is administered along with epinephrine in order to reduce bleeding. The areola is reconstructed using a tattoo technique.

Dr. Marga prefers the Sof-Tapp® tattoo method over a more mechanical technique. However, she does employ Permark® pigments as they are provided in individual-use packaging to prevent cross-contamination and infection.

Post-tattoo wound care includes the use of petroleum jelly to the areolar tattoo site 2-3 times daily followed by a Telfa™ pad. It is important not to use ointments with antibiotics within them and you must use a quantity of petroleum jelly that keeps the wound moist enough to avoid scabbing of the wound. If you reside in a dry climate, you may need to apply petroleum jelly to your tattoo sites more frequently in order to prevent scabbing. If your tattoo site dries to form a scab, the pigments will be lifted from the reconstruction site when the scab lifts. Please do not submerge the tattoo site in the bathtub/whirlpool/swimming pool/river/lake/ocean for 21 days after the procedure. It is safe to shower remembering to place your petroleum jelly on the wound soon thereafter.

Dr. Marga does her own areolar reconstructions and does not employ a nurse or cosmetologist to perform this very important component of your reconstruction.

You may require more than one pigment application to achieve the result you require. Please know that areolar tattoos do fade with time and you likely may require a repeat procedure during your lifetime.

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