As You Heal

A Dr. Marga patient with her husband. A Dr. Marga patient with her husband.

Family and Friends Support from family and friends is very helpful, but because they may not understand what constitutes a normal post-operative course, their comments may unintentionally create emotional turmoil for you. We will tell you honestly how you are doing and what we expect your result to be. Please trust in our knowledge and experience when we discuss your progress with you.

Depression Some patients experience a brief period of "let down" or depression after surgery. As you continue to heal, these thoughts usually disappear quickly. If you feel slightly depressed, understanding that this can be a "natural" phase of the healing process may help you to cope with this emotional state.

Healing Everyone has the capacity to heal themselves to one degree or another. Clearly this ability is variable and depends upon a number of factors such as your genetic background, your overall state of health and lifestyle (exercise, smoking, drinking, etc.). Many people believe the surgeon "heals" the patient. No person can make another heal. Dr. Marga can facilitate (but not accelerate) the healing process. Your cooperation and close attention is extremely important. Be interested in yourself.

Bruising tends to resolve in a time frame much like any other bruise you may have experienced. You should avoid sun exposure while the bruising is present to help prevent any permanent pigmentation.

Regeneration of the sensory nerves is accompanied by tingling, burning, or shooting pains, which disappear with time and are nothing to be alarmed about. If, however, this is accompanied by swelling or redness, infection, or bleeding, then you will need to be seen in the office.

You may find swelling of your new breast and abdomen or buttock to be troublesome and your clothes may not fit. Be patient, this swelling will gradually subside and you will feel better in a few weeks. There is a certain amount of tightness in the area where the flap was taken from. This will slowly relax in a few months.

Another major factor in the course of healing is your paying strict attention to and following the instruction given by Dr. Marga. Such guidelines as listed here are designed to promote the healing process and to prevent the occurrence of anything that may interfere with recovery. We believe "the difference is in the details" and strive to achieve the best possible results for you. It is imperative that you recognize that you are a partner in this process and not just a passive participant. These instructions, based on broad experience, are designed to give you the best opportunity for healing without delay or surprise.

Unexpected occurrences are very infrequent. When they occur, it is usually a result of an individual's variable healing capacity or failure to pay strict attention to recommended pre and post-surgical guidelines. Rest assured, we will assist you in any way possible with regard to such events. Should the unexpected occur, we will work together with your participation as a complete team and support your through any difficulties on your way to reaching your goal.

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