Bi-Pedicle DIEP Flap or "Stacked" DIEP Flap

In thin women or women with a larger breast reconstruction requirement relative to their abdominal adiposity, both sides of the abdomen must be used to reconstruct one breast. This is known as a Bi-Pedicle DIEP or "Stacked" DIEP flap.

This is one of the more difficult microsurgical breast reconstructions to accomplish as the blood vessels from one side of the abdominal flap are sewn either into:

a. branches of the blood vessels in the contra-lateral abdominal flap, or

b. retrograde into the internal mammary artery and vein with removal of one costochondral cartilage.

This may be too much technical information for you to digest...suffice it to understand that a bi-pedicle DIEP flap breast reconstruction is more technically demanding than that of 2 DIEP flaps for a bilateral breast reconstruction.

Peri-operative care and complications of the bi-pedicle DIEP flap are similar to the DIEP flap as are the final stages of the reconstruction.

Dr. Marga would be pleased to discuss her personal experience with Bi-Pedicle / "Stacked" DIEP flap breast reconstructions with you at the time of you individualized consultation.

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