Breast Reconstruction Procedures

A patient with Dr. Marga A patient with Dr. Marga

Breast reconstruction can be performed utilizing a variety of reconstructive techniques. Each technique has a distinct advantage and is associated with several disadvantages.

In the simplest of terms, breast reconstruction can be completed by the use of breast implants OR tissues from your own body known as "autologous breast reconstruction".

Most patients are interested in the number of operations a technique requires, the duration of the operations, the need and duration of a hospital stay, recovery time, associated life-long disabilities, common wound care complications, potential systemic complications and the level of the anticipated sensation achievable. As one might imagine, this is a significant amount of information if discussing only one technique.

Following are 16 surgical techniques used for breast reconstruction in the United States. Dr. Marga has experience in all and would be pleased to help you define your personal treatment plan.

It is important to remember that most breast reconstructions require several operations or "stages" to complete. "Stage 1" of an implant-based operation is distinctly different than "Stage 1" of an autologous flap operation. However, nipple and areolar reconstructions are common to all 16 of the techniques described and may, in fact, not be necessary if you are a candidate for a total nipple and areolar skin-sparing mastectomy.

The "burn no bridges" technique of reconstruction is a specific surgical technique developed by Dr. Marga along with Dr. Leigh Neumayer when she was a faculty member at the University of Utah and the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Hospital.

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