What is the Dr. Marga "Burn No Bridges" Procedure?

Making a decision for a definitive method of breast reconstruction when you are first told of your diagnosis may not be possible. You may be so concerned regarding other aspects of your cancer care that you wish you could table any decisions about reconstruction. This is a common feeling and many women choose to place a tissue expander as a "Burn No Bridges" approach to breast reconstruction.

The "Burn No Bridges" approach is a technique Dr. Marga developed while working with Dr. Leigh Neumayer, Co-Director of the Breast Cancer Program at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital and the University of Utah. With this method, a woman can maintain all of her skin in the setting of a skin sparing mastectomy while she, without delay, continues with her chemotherapy and possible irradiation if required while sporting a saline-filled subcutaneous breast implant-like device, namely a tissue expander.

The "Burn No Bridges" approach allows you time to learn more about breast reconstruction AND it provides you with a trial period for breast implants. No one can truly tell you what it is like to have a breast implant – i.e., how it will feel to you…. With this approach, you will be able to identify if a breast implant-based reconstruction will provide you with all the benefits that are important to you. If you discover that your tissue expander is inadequate, you may then be compelled to consider an autologous flap reconstruction.

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