Dr. Marga is a fun loving and compassionate physician who knows no boundaries! She is known for getting to know all of her patients and their families on a personal level.

Breast Reconstruction is a process that takes time. For some patients, 18-24 months may pass from diagnosis until their final reconstructive procedure. Dr. Marga believes that it is important for you to develop a meaningful relationship with your surgeon during that time. In that light, Dr. Marga provides direct access to her by providing you with her personal cell phone number and email address. You will be able to communicate your concerns with her directly even if you are thousands of miles away. She tries to call each woman who makes an inquiry on her website in order to establish a bond with them even if they receive treatment from a plastic surgeon closer to home. Routine consultations with Dr. Massey are typically 2 -3 hours and include an educational series on all forms of breast reconstruction. She commonly sees patients after 5 pm and on weekends in 3 US cities. Once surgery is complete, dinner and spa dates are common as are fund raising adventures!

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