Getting Ready for a Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer VLNTx℠

Dr. Marga

When preparing for a Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer VLNTx℠, one should follow the above listed instructions "Getting Ready for Breast Reconstruction Surgery". In addition, one should continue with an aggressive manual lymphatic drainage protocol as administered by a qualified Physical Therapist in combination with appropriate bandaging and compression garments. You should restrict your intake of salt and follow a low-fat diet.

You should notify us should you develop any signs of infection (redness, unusual swelling, increased tenderness and pain) in the affected limb at anytime prior to surgery.

Please keep a record of your most recent infections (over the last year) and how they were treated.

Please have your Physical Therapist FAX us your limb measurements over the last six months (toll free 1-800-630-3631).

You will need a radiographic lymphoscintigraphy performed in you local hospital prior to surgery. We will assist you in securing your appointment.

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