Normal Symptoms

Moderate swelling and bruising are normal after any surgery. Severe swelling and bruising may indicate bleeding or possible infection. Mild to moderate discomfort or pain is normal after any surgery. Crusting along the incision line does occur. You need only to wash along the incision with warm water and soap when you are in the shower. You should notify us if the wound becomes separated.

You will experience numbness in your surgical sites. Small sensory nerves to the skin are cut when an incision is made on your body. Similar nerves can be disrupted when skin flaps are undermined on the abdomen and buttock. The sensation in those areas usually returns gradually over 6 to 9 months as the healing progresses.

It is not uncommon for itching to occur in addition to shooting electrical sensations within the skin. These are symptoms of your sensory nerves trying to heal. Please do NOT apply ice or heating pads to your surgical sites. Moisturizers and massage are better options to use to make you more comfortable.

Your surgical incisions may appear red/dark pink/purple and raised as they heal. Scars on the breasts or body may take up to 2 years to fade.

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