Nancy and Monica - Dr. Marga's April 2009 Mermaid of the Month

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Nancy and Monica

Dear Dr. Massey,

We wish that everyone on this difficult journey could find their way to you. After months of research, consults, waiting, insurance denials, tests, prayer, soul searching, and miracles we finally were able to havePBM DIEP (Monica) and implant removal with SGAP (Nancy) surgeries at St. Charles Center for Restorative Breast Surgery in NewOrleansin June 2009. We know that through all of this waiting we were meant to go through this experience as mother and daughter.

We could not have asked for better care from anyone at the Center and the Hospital. The staff treated us like we were family from the first time we spoke over the phone and also while we were recovering.

We spoke with Dr. Massey many times over the phone andwe finally met with her in person in April 2009 and it was like meeting a long lost friend. She got to know us individually and as a family. She took an interest in each of our families but more importantly in this difficult but exciting journey. We know that she was sent to us as an answer to our many prayers and that it is truly a miracle that we could do this together as mother and daughter. We will be forever grateful for her love, patience, dedication, and experience for making a difference in our lives and the lives of many other women and families.

Thank you Dr. Massey, for the wonderful and beautiful "Ta-Ta's" -- We love You!

Love, Nancy and Monica

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