Karie's Story - Dr. Marga's August 2009 Mermaid of the Month

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"Dr. Massey,I wanted to write and thank you for becoming theamazing surgeon you are today, I know that skill like yours does not come without a great deal of sacrifice, and sometimes you may wonder if it is worth it. I am here to say yes...youhave changed my life, and I don't have the words to thank you for being who you are! I admire your dedication, devotion, and perfectionism in your work. I had given up on reconstruction before I met you, I felt like Humpty Dumpty and all the kings horses and all the kings men couldnot put me back together again.But it didn't take the kingsmen,itwas the queen...you, who gave me hope, and now the realitythat I can be whole again. You did more forme then justput me back together, yougaveme a gift, the gift of feeling like awhole and beautifulwoman again inside and out. I LOVE YOU!!!!

I loved Charleston...I can see why you do as well. I wanted to share with you a beautiful experience I had there, the day before my surgery we went kayakingand we were visited by dolphins twice while we where out there, it was amazing they where only about 5 feet from me. Idon't know if you knew but my only sister died of breast cancer during my chemotherapy after a five year battle. She loved dolphins. In fact, her last wish was granted when she went to San Diego and swam with the dolphins four months before she passed away. She had been on my mind that weekend and I was nervous about my surgery. I have no doubt that she sent those dolphins to re-assure me that she is with me and everything would be fine, and it was. What an amazing experience this has all been for me.Charleston will always hold a special place in my heart...its funny how things work out!

You're amazing,and I look forward to seeing you again! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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