Joni Meehan - Dr. Marga's November 2009 Mermaid of the Month

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Joni Meehan

"On March 29that 4:45 pm, I received a call from my general surgeon. She had previously performed a lumpectomy on me two days earlier. The lab results came back positive. That evening, I began my journey with breast cancer."

"During my consultation, I was given a brochure of FAQ's on breast cancer. I was told to look on the internet for information and to gather any questions that I might have. Breast Cancer was a subject that I knew little about, and I was about to make medical decisions that were going to effect the rest of my life. I was reading about foreign terms and procedures that I had no education, background, or experience with. I had built my own support team of family and friends that had either medical backgrounds and /or experience with breast cancer. I learned that every woman's experience was different, personal, and medically unique. I told myself I was going to approach this head-on with a positive attitude. The truth was, I felt alone and scared. I was not lucky enough to have the best positive results with every surgery. You are always told about the "worst possible case" and it seemed I hit it every time. I started to lose faith in my judgments. My final low was when I was given my different breast reconstruction options. I researched the web looking at the outcomes of each surgery. All would give me some type of physical limitations. Then I came across an article on Micro-Surgery for breast reconstruction. I found The Center for Microvascular Reconstruction's web site. That's when I called Dr. Massey's office and spoke with Jill, her assisting nurse. Jill explained all of the possibilities, options, and information about the procedures and she answered all questions I had. Jill walked me through the information that I would need for the consultation and promptly scheduled an appointment with Dr. Massey. After meeting with Dr. Massey, I felt really good about my future. This was a woman who cared about me. She cared about the quality of life I wanted to lead after cancer. In my first meeting with the doctor, I was highly impressed with the two sides of Dr. Massey. There is the highly-trained and committed medical professional and a down-to-earth, sincere person."

"Initially when I first considered the procedure, I spoke to my plastic surgeon at home about my meeting with Dr. Massey. He explained to me the degree of professionalism that Dr. Massey had to possess; he informed me that only the elite of plastic surgeons can perform such an intricate procedure. She is one of the best of the "best" to be a micro-surgeon. I was overwhelmed by Dr. Massey's effort to make sure that my breasts were going to be as natural and anatomical correct as possible. From the beginning when Dr. Massey was examining my case, as she was looking at my body I could see the commitment she was giving of herself to make sure that I was going to have the best outcome available."

"Marga Massey is a person that you cannot help getting to know. She made me feel as if she had opened her heart, felt my pain and let me in. My family was taken by her warm and caring personality towards all of us. When she looks into your eyes, she is looking past your body and into the person you are. I felt she knew the emotional rollercoaster I had been on. This is a woman whom truly cared about what I have been through. I cannot begin to express how Dr. Massey has given me back what breast cancer tried to take. The contact that I had with Jill and Dr. Massey throughout my procedures was impeccable. I was put to ease and comforted by the ability to have prompt and direct contact with Jill and Dr. Massey, (it was better than my relationship with my family doctor 5 miles down the road)."

"Thanks to Dr. Massey and Jill, I have breasts that feel like a natural, soft part of me. I met Dr. Massey as a surgeon and Marga Massey became my friend. It is a relationship I will always treasure."

Joni Meehan

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