Kristin Elliot - Dr. Marga's February 2010 Mermaid of the Month

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Kristin Elliot
Kristin and Dr. Marga

In February of 2006, just days after my sixteenth birthday, I was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer, called Synovial Cell Sarcoma in Stage III. The tumor was found in my right thigh, and it was was measured to be the size of a grapefruit. Usually this type of cancer is found in late stages, making the survival statistics for this type of cancer not promising. I endured months of chemotherapy to no avail. It did not shrink the tumor as doctors had hoped, and it even caused me to lapse into a coma at one point. The failure of chemotherapy led me to have an 8 hour surgery to remove the tumor embedded in my muscle, leaving me with a twelve inch scar. Doctors did not expect me to have much function of my leg, but to their amazement, I was walking just two days after surgery with full function of my leg. I also had a little more than two months of radiation to complete my cancer treatment. This treatment process left second degree burns on my leg and surgery scar.

The next year, June of 2007, I was re-diagnosed with cancer, but this time it returned in my lungs. Instead of doing chemotherapy again, my family and I opted for me to undergo surgery to remove the masses that summer. Unfortunately, it was not all removed during that surgery, and I returned in December of 2007 for yet another lung surgery. So far, the cancer has not returned, but for several years I had been living with some pretty serious lymphedema in my right leg. Doctors reassured me that there was nothing to do for a condition like this, making me believe I would have to endure this for the rest of my life. Now seventeen years old, I wanted nothing more than relief from the pain and a glimpse of hope to live a life of youthful normalcy. But, the overwhelming pain, heaviness, and broken self-image were the thoughts that would tend to consume my mind. Years of many failed attempts at different rehabilitation and therapy urged my family and I to search for answers.

About this time, God worked His miracle and led me to Dr. Marga Massey. She so graciously agreed to help me in my worsening condition, as she genuinely sought for me to beat the final battle of my journey. Dr. Massey was the most personable, caring, and authentic doctor I have ever met in all my experience. Something about her character and pure, honest spirit is so intriguing. I respect her as a surgeon, and I am so honored that she would allow me to be a part of the countless people she has given restoration to. She was sensitive to my age, and she understood my needs and worries of having another surgery. And, Dr. Massey showed the utmost kindness and love towards my family. In August of 2009, at nineteen, I was operated on by Dr. Massey, a fifteen hour surgery. Although a rough surgery, I have been pleased with the way my leg has been healing. God has certainly given Dr. Massey a heart for people and unparalleled talent as a physician. I believe God sent me Dr. Massey as an angel to brighten my life. She, along with her amazing group of staff, enabled me to find relief and peace with my condition. Dr. Massey's work has helped me continue in a life of true joy, as I have pursued my heart of missions. To see more of my journey with missionary work, you can visit

With tears of joy and thankfulness, Kristin

"For you make me glad by your deeds, O LORD;
I sing for joy at the works of your hands." - Psalm 92:4

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