Peggy Winstead - Dr. Marga's March 2010 Mermaid of the Month

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Peggy Winstead

I have always believed that all things happen, good and bad, for a reason. It's like God has you on this path and whatever tribulation happens, He leads you to a brighter day. My brighter day came when I was diagnosed with DCIS nine years after my first diagnosis of breast cancer. I knew it was brighter because I had just witnessed a dear friend, Len Joyner, go through the same journey of breast reconstruction with Dr. Massey. Little did I know at that time, I was going to travel down that very same path Len did. I already had a head start on this medical journey because God had provided Len's experience for me to find Dr. Massey, just as He had led Len to Dr. Massey in her journey. I then realized, "I have two human guardian angels right here on this Earth!!" Just how lucky can one person be?

But the luck didn't stop there, Dr. Massey took the threat away and gave me the ultimate gift in place of fear. . the gift of complete and total peace of mind and soul. There are no words to justify what Dr. Marga Massey and her wonderful staff has done for me and my family. I thank her for my life, for being my "guardian angel, for being my friend, for becoming a member of my family, and for helping me to continue to be just as crazy and happy as I can be. I can and will keep smiling and laughing everyday. It's the best advertisement for God, it makes people wonder what you got!! And I know what I got. I got two, new beautiful boobs who were created by Dr. Massey. They are lovingly referred to as "Mag" and "Nolia" from Charleston. SC.

Dr. Massey, you're the best!!!!

Love you,
Peggy Winstead

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