Len Joyner - Dr. Marga's May 2010 Mermaid of the Month

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Dennis & Len Joyner

My journey begins in 1984, I was 34 years old and single and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. By November of 1984 I had had bilateral mastectomies and bilateral reconstruction with implants. Fast forward with me to 2007. During those 23 years, I met and married, in 1993, the love of my life and life was good. I had never entertained the idea of having any more surgery; I had had enough surgery in 1984 to last my lifetime. But, God had other plans. He started whispering to me in early 2007 that I needed to "google" breast reconstruction. My inquiry led me straight to Dr. Marga Massey!!!

Our first conversation lasted over an hour and our consultation in Charleston lasted over two hours.I had never met a Doctor that was willing to spend so much time with me. It was determined that both my implants had ruptured and no matter what I chose to do, those implants had to come out. Everything that led up to my finding Dr. Massey could be considered coincidence but I am certain that it was NOT accidental; it was instead God leading me to the very best micro surgeon, for me. Dr. Massey is so: approachable, awesome, compassionate, generous, talented, skilled, and caring and I could go on and on. Dr. Massey has given me an incredible gift. We made the decision to do the Diep Flap in September 2007. My case was a bit complicated but that did not deter Dr. Massey, as a matter of fact, I returned to Charleston on December of 2007 and I got a new breast on Christmas Eve...not everybody can say they got a "boobie" for Christmas!!!.

The ruptured implants were making me sick and I had no idea. After my surgery I felt like a new person, inside and out. Inside was clean of the ruptured silicone and outside I could see a complete body again. I really had not realized what an impact the disfigurement of my body had had on my self-esteem and self worth. WOW, what a difference Dr. Marga Massey has made in my life. I wake up every morning with gratitude in my heart for all she has done for me. She is a true "southern girl" with charm, intellect and a skill that is AMAZING. Thank you so much Dr. Marga, I love you.

Len Joyner

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