Marlin Pryor - Dr. Marga's August 2010 Mer"man" of the Month

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Marlin Pryor

During a freak accident, I stepped into a hole and twisted my right leg. Additionally, I did not realize that I damaged my lymph node which ended up in my development of lymphedema. After the lymphedema occurred, I could no longer wear my correct shoe size. The left foot was the actual shoe size and the right foot was one full shoe size larger than the other! It was both a health and financial alert when I discovered that my health was failing. Above all, I had to spend twice as much on my expensive pair of shoes! On average, well-made shoes are more expensive for men than for women. I wanted to maintain my health and continue to dress sharply. I was 39 years old and always active. My health became a priority.

When my Mother read an article in the local newspaper about Dr. Massey doing her fantastic work in Charleston (South Carolina) she referred it to me. I procrastinated a few weeks, mostly out of despair, before referring the article to both my physical therapist and my nurse in Charleston. They recommended that Dr. Massey see me for an appointment. After making the call, Dr. Massey had her assistant phone me to set up a consult with my Mother and I. We filled out the "Getting To Know You" form. Upon seeing Dr. Massey, it was absolutely love at first sight!

Dr. Massey, my Mother and I had one more consult. She then explained the procedure of the surgery which would be done the next morning. She has a phenomenal bedside rapport with everyone. She explained that the lymph node from the left axilla would be transferred to the groin of my right leg. I would have no knowledge of this because I would be under anesthesia. On her birthday, Dr. Massey spent eight hours operating on me. I went under and and felt like I had a rejuvenating nap. I knew that I would be victorious. Two days after the surgery, I started seeing results. Now, a year later, I no longer have to buy two pairs of shoes!

Dr. Massey's staff is equally outstanding. Ashley Packer handles concerns just as Dr. Massey's assistant Jenny Greene does. Often Jenny responds within 15 minutes of the call. I tease her many times for instantly answering the phone, "Hello Marlin," with a warm smile in her voice.

I am extremely pleased with the medical service that I received from Dr. Marga F. Massey's Practice. I know that this has been an immense blessing.

Blessings, Marlin

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