Janet Seeley - Dr. Marga's June 2011 Mermaid of the Month

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Janet Seeley

As I sit here at NOLA, having just reviewed a scrapbook dedicated to Dr. Marga, I am taken back anew, to earlier stages of my journey with breast cancer. I am ready for my stage three; the cancer is gone; and my new breasts are warm and made of me. I am smiling and tears fill my eyes. I too have joined these fellow sisters, fellow warriors filled with love for Dr. Marga. I feel privileged to join in by adding my story to the heartfelt stories of fellow patients restored by Dr. Marga. I thank God again and again for this day.

Last July, I was working long hours at my job when a call from my local physician changed my life forever. On a sunny evening in rural Wyoming, my doctor told me my recent mammogram indicated I had breast cancer. Off I went, for a whirlwind battery of tests, consultations, and ultimately, a detailed knowledge of breast cancer, specifically DCIS, a knowledge I thought I would never need to acquire. I mistakenly thought I would not have to worry about breast cancer because no one on my mother's side had experienced cancer. However, several beloved aunts on my dad's side of the family had endured and won their brave journeys with breast cancer.

My husband found Dr. Marga for me and acquired his new pet name, DH (darling husband infinity). As I struggled with the idea of cancer and long hours at work, he researched. On the breastcancer.org site, he found a multitude of brave women communicating about Dr. Marga who so lovingly restored them to wholeness.

As we considered options, I remember thinking I just wanted to get rid of my breasts that housed cancer. I felt betrayed by my body. As one of Dr. Marga's other patient's shared in her story "my own breasts tried to kill me."

Given my aunts' complications with lumpectomies, multiple surgeries, mastectomies, and failed implants, I was ecstatic about the path to recovery that Dr. Marga offered. I called Ashley, one of Dr. Marga's most excellent staff, and plied her with questions about Dr. Marga and her practice. As a small town woman, grown and educated in Wyoming, I hadn't ever thought about traveling out-of-state for medical care, let alone entrusting myself to surgeons and nursing staff that I had never met.

A phone consult was scheduled for my husband and I to talk with Dr. Marga. After an hour and a half on the phone with Dr. Marga, all my fears of not knowing were laid to rest. She patiently and professionally answered all my questions, discussed a multitude of options, and answered questions I didn't know I would have, but she knew that I would have. Her warmth and concern for me as a person and her passion for her work, her ministry, were incredible and overwhelming. My fears evaporated. I knew I was in the hands of the best. I knew I didn't need to meet her in person first. I could tell I would have the best surgeon, nursing staff, and most importantly the best micro-surgeon I could ever hope for.

Now as I finish stage three, I confess that Dr. Marga is more than my micro-surgeon. She is my friend. The nurses at NOLA have become my friends. Dr. Marga has set into motion an incredible system where I and numerous other ladies have felt her love for us, her commitment to us, and her concern for our hearts, bodies, and soul.

Thank you, Dr. Marga for making me whole again. I am now blessed with the incredible gift of a cancer-free body, restored with my own, warm tissue. I am embarking on a new journey. I won't be taking life for granted. And, to the new ladies that are entering into a journey with cancer, rest assured, Dr. Marga will take care of you.

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