Mary Mower - Dr. Marga's March 2012 Mermaid of the Month

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Mary Mower

I learned about Dr. Massey through a breast cancer survivor group called "Young Survivor Sisters". After going to 3 different plastic surgeons and leaving all of them in tears, I had almost resorted to the fact that wearing a prosthetic wasn't so bad. At each visit, I was placed in front of a TV to watch a movie about the 3 different ways of reconstruction. After watching the movie, I was to decide which type I wanted and to let them know as soon as I could, so they could get me scheduled for surgery. Each option didn't seem right for me, as I had heard complications for all three. Also, all three surgeons treated me like a number instead of a person; let alone someone that had just fought for her life through a year of cancer treatment.

A fellow member of the "Young Survivor Sisters" shared her reconstruction story with me where her own skin and fat was used. Not once had any of the prior surgeons I spoke to told me about this option. She told me that not only was this the best way for reconstruction, her surgeon was voted the best plastic surgeon in the nation in 2009. She gave me Dr. Massey's number, and I reluctantly called for an appointment. I was reluctant only because of the need to travel to New Orleans for two weeks for surgery, and I didn't feel like that would work for my family.

Within the first 10 minutes of talking to Dr. Massey, I felt like we had been friends for years. She made an effort to find out about me personally before even mentioning her procedures. After hearing how world renown she was, I really felt like I was talking to the President of the United States. But hearing her laugh and telling me she could make me whole again, she seemed more just like me. This is what I had been searching for, a surgeon that gets it...gets that losing a breast really does take away your womanhood. After explaining my consultation with my husband, he was more than supportive for us to go to New Orleans to have the BEST surgeon do the BEST reconstruction.

My daughter was 10 when we went to New Orleans for the surgery. She is our only child, and we take her everywhere with us. Having her by my side during all my treatments and surgeries has made it easier for her to take emotionally. Dr. Massey greeted her with open arms, and even let her help with the pre-surgical drawings! Dr. Massey gave her specific instructions on what to do to take care of me. She felt so important! She made my daughter feel very comfortable at a time when she needed most to feel acceptance. Since seeing me go through my health issues, my daughter has decided to become a doctor. Dr. Massey made her realize that plastic surgery is what she wants to do!

Right before my surgery, with my husband and daughter by my side, Dr. Massey whispered in my ear "I will treat you like my own." This completely sums up the kind of person she is and the attention she gives to each of her patients. Thank you, Dr. Massey, for letting me be a part of your renowned existence. You truly were put on this earth to give women back what cancer takes away from them.

Mary Mower

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