Tara - Dr. Marga's April 2014 Mermaid of the Month

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To start my mermaid story I would like to share a little history about myself with you.

I am a very active person, working out six days a week, and have been healthy all of my life.

If I'm faced with a battle of any sort I have a strong will of overcoming or finding out answers to the situation.

I started noticing my right leg swelling. I made my first visit to my family physician, and this is where I started feeling like I had a third eye in the middle of my forehead.

After being tossed around from specialist to specialist, test after test, I was diagnosed with lymphedema. From here I was sent to a hospital for a seven day treatment of wrapping, then was sized for daytime garments along with a nighttime guard. I was sent on my way with a lot of unanswered questions. I tried contacting the head of the lymphedema department only to never get a return call.

I started doing my own research online finding this to be very overwhelming since everything I was reading was cancer related. I would think that with all the testing that had been done, if I did have cancer, it would've shown up. However, in the back of my mind I wanted to make sure. So, back to my primary doctor once again for more blood work and testing. After a couple more tests, I just gave up! This wasn't like me at all, but this condition had beaten me.

Months after giving up I questioned why I gave up so easily. So, once again, I was back online doing my research.

At this point I came across this doctor who performs a surgery called lymph node transfer. This doctor ended up being Dr. Marga Massey. Everything I was reading about this doctor was amazing! What an outstanding surgeon as well as her bedside manner.

I scheduled my consultation appointment with her in South Carolina.

When Dr. Massey walked into the examination room I could just feel her warm soul fill the room, and that gave me so much comfort. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Dr. Massey, you to will understand her captivating smile and soul.

Dr. Massey took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. I was diagnosed with primary lymphedema. bMy surgery was scheduled for November 2013. It's been well over one year since the surgery, and I am doing FANTASTIC!

Dr. Massey and her staff are the most professional and caring I have ever met in the medical field.

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