Photo Gallery

Many patients find it informative to review before and after "photos" of breast reconstructive patients when doing research on their options for care.

Here at the Dr. Marga Practice Group, we respect the privacy of each and every patient who have agreed to share their very personal photos with others and have elected to display this information within a unique password protected portal. Further, we feel it is important to share with you a dialogue of the key aspects of each case to include specific Teaching Points and Issues to include the level of complexity, how they were addressed and the concluding result.

We prefer to call this our Case Studies Section as a variety of cases are related with a teaching dialog, not simply a stream of before and after photos without a specific explanation of the key aspects of each reconstruction. Please contact our office either by email or phone and we will provide you with a unique user name and password so you may review our cases as a part of your personal journey to define your unique approach to restoring yourself after breast cancer.

Please know that this safety measure has been incorporated to maintain a minimal level of professionalism on the world wide web for all users.

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