The Best Spanx Ever

The Best Spanx Ever!

Tee Shirt Suggestion – Katie O’Shea, August 2012

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Not a Cast

No! It’s Not a Cast!

Attendees from
“The Dr Is In Chicago”
April 2012

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Smiley Face

Keeping My Head Above Water!

Living with Lymphedema – Linda Hill, Salt Lake City, Utah, Fall 2011

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Lymphedema Therapists

Lymphedema Therapists Know How To Get Things Going!

Tee Shirt Suggestion – Susan Merritt Laconia, New Hampshire, March 2012

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Move a Node, Lose a Load!

Tee Shirt Suggestion – Dennis Joyner, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, March 2012

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I Have Lymphedema

Tee Shirt Suggestions

Please send us your suggestions for our tee shirts! Coming to you soon at The Dr. Is In Events…

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Patch Adams

The Laughter Project – Promoting Green Humor to Heal the Heart

Have you ever wondered who made the first pink tee shirt that prominently displayed “Save the Hooters“? I have! So much so…

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