What is a Helper Doctor?

Over 95% of Dr. Marga's patients travel significant distances to receive their care. Further, Dr. Marga can not be in 3 states at one time...

To address this issue, ALL patients must secure the assistance of a "Helper Doctor" in their hometown to support them during the reconstructive process. "Helper Doctors" commonly are NOT plastic surgeons but are general surgeons, ob-gyn physicians or family medicine doctors that already have a meaningful relationship with you. Any such board-certified physician can help with drain removal and wound surveillance. Most are thrilled that you will be getting specialized breast reconstruction and/or vascularized lymph node transfer and understand your unique need to travel.

Remember, Dr. Marga and your personalized care coordinator are only a phone call away for additional support should your “Helper Doctor” wish to call. You too can call at any time or send an email with or without a photo if you just are not quite sure about your recovery.

Please review and complete your "Helper Doctor" contact information sheet with your local physician and return it to your personalized care coordinator 14 days prior to your Stage 1 Procedure.

Download the Helper Doctor Document

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