Why Choose Breast Implants? Why Not?

Implant-based breast reconstruction is performed for 85% of women in the United States who undergo breast reconstruction. It seems as though everyone has implants and many women think "so should I".

Dr. Marga has participated in both major implant manufacturer FDA mandated trials and has extensive experience with Allodermô / Implant based reconstructions with excellent cosmesis. Her unplanned re-operation rate falls within the national average of a 50% failure rate at 7 years. This statistic, when it was revealed during the FDA moratorium on silicone breast implants, motivated Dr. Marga to join the staff at the Center for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction. Dr. Marga makes it no secret that she prefers perforator flap breast reconstruction over implant-based reconstructions due to the high failure rate and need for multiple revisional surgeries in your lifetime when a woman chooses breast implants.

Regardless of this astonishing national failure rate and Dr. Marga's personal belief, we do note there are several reasons why breast implants may be the best reconstructive choice for you:

a. If you are an unusually thin young woman who has not had children, who wishes to avoid a scar on the buttock;

b. If you are a woman of any weight who wishes to avoid a donor site scar;

c. If you have had full body liposuction and do not have an appropriate donor site;

d. If you wish to have a large-sized breast reconstruction that can not be attained given your body habitus, i.e. you do not have enough fat to make the size breast you desire;

e. If you have a complicated medical condition that limits your ability to safely complete a 4-6 hour general anesthetic;

f. If you have a documented pro-thrombotic state requiring systemic anticoagulation;

g. If you have had a prior abdominoplasty and prefer not to have tissue removed from your buttock (a common situation for African American and Latino patients);

h. If you always win at Roulette in Las Vegas and you believe you will be in the 50% of women who make it 7 years without the complications of capsular contracture, infection, device rupture, malposition, asymmetry, pain, etc.

i. If you are unable to travel to receive care in the hands of a microsurgery fellowship-trained perforator flap breast reconstructive surgeon in an experienced hospital;

Regretfully, many women who initially choose breast implants and present for a secondary perforator flap breast reconstruction due to implant failure, relate that they were never informed of the potential for perforator flaps when they met with their initial plastic surgeon. Many were never told the national failure rate of 50% at 7 years, even after several revision surgeries. Can you imagine having repeat implant surgeries one after another never knowing that perforator flap breast reconstruction could correct the problem?

We hope that our website will help women be more informed about all forms of breast reconstruction so you will be able to make an informed choice regarding your reconstructive options. If you choose breast implants, Dr. Marga would be pleased to assist you with the joint knowledge that should you have an implant problem, all options will still be available to you at a later date. She will be eager to support you on your individualized journey.

If you are one of Dr. Marga's patients and are having a problem with your breast implants, please contact us so we can help.

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