Why Choose Perforator Flap Breast Reconstruction? Why Not?

Perforator flap microsurgical breast reconstruction (DIEP, SIEA, S-GAP, and I-GAP flap) is the most sophisticated form of breast reconstruction to date. Many believe it is superior to breast implants as the unplanned re-operation / failure rate for this reconstructive technique which spares all associated muscles is less than 2% relative to that of 50% for breast implants at 7 years. Perforator flaps appear more normal than implants for they are soft, compressible and simulate the contra-lateral breast with time and weight change. Perforator flaps gain protective sensation even without a specific nerve autograft, something which does not happen with breast implants. DIEP flaps combined with a nerve autograft may be the most sensitized form of breast reconstruction to date.

Opponents to perforator flaps relate the difficulty of the surgical dissection and the extended time of the initial stage of the operation as a disadvantage - For those surgeons who have mastered perforator flaps as a common surgical procedure, this serves as a poor excuse for a woman to choose not to have a perforator flap breast reconstruction.

Perforator flap breast reconstruction in the hands of an experienced surgeon may be the best reconstructive choice for you. It is natural as it uses only tissues from your body. It preserves all of your muscle function and strength. It requires no long-term MRI surveillance. Once your reconstruction is complete, there is little likelihood that you will ever require any additional surgical procedures other than a possible areola tattoo touch-up due to fading.

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